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U by Kotex #SAVEtheUNDIES Crowdtap Sample Experience


I had the good fortune of being lucky enough to be one of the people chosen for the #SAVEtheUNDIES U by Kotex sampling event from Crowdtap.  When I received my box, I was surprised to discover that they sent me not one sample pack, but three, so I could share two with friends.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to snap a picture of my friends whom I shared with, but next time I’ll remember.


The first thing I noticed when opening my little black sample pack was how colorful the U by Kotex product wrappers are.  They’re very vivid and cheerful, which is a nice change from the doom and gloom feeling I generally associate with that time of the month.  It’s almost like getting pretty flowers.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of a $1 off coupon.  I love saving money wherever I can, so that was a nice addition to the sample pack.


So, you’re probably thinking, “That’s great, but which products are they?”  To answer that question, the cute little green and purple paisley packages contain the new U by Kotex Clean Wear Ultra Thin Pads with 3D capture core and the tampons they included are U by Kotex Sleek Tampons in regular and super absorbency.

Now backing up a bit, just what is a 3D capture core?  Kotex describes it as a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks.  I’ve been pretty skeptical over the years in regard to all this new technology when it comes to pads that stop leaks, and have gone through my fair share of ruined or stained undergarments and jeans.  However, the U by Kotex Clean Wear Ultra Thin Pads do exactly what they advertise, which is great when it comes to saving your favorite pair of comfy pants, or those super cute Hello Kitty boy short underwear.  The thinness is an added bonus, because you aren’t rocking one of those unsightly pad outlines if you happen to be wearing figure hugging bottoms or a dress.  I was honestly a little worried when I saw just how thin the U by Kotex Clean Wear Ultra Thin Pads were, but don’t let that fool you; their absorbency and leak protection is second to none.

I noticed neither the pads nor the tampons were scented, which is fantastic for people who are sensitive to fragrance or have allergies.  Speaking of tampons, lets talk about the U by Kotex Sleek Tampons.  I’ve had issues with leakage and just general discomfort with other brands, but did not experience either with these.  Some days the brand I had been using were mildly uncomfortable, but others, it was downright unbearable and I’d just throw the tampon in the trash and switch to pads, which had their own set of issues.  The other brand’s leak protection also left something to be desired on heavier and even normal flow days.  The U by Kotex Sleek Tampons were not at all uncomfortable and actually shape themselves to your body, so it’s like wearing nothing.  I also didn’t experience any leakage like I had with the competitor’s brand. The design of these specific tampons allows them to contour to each woman’s body, allowing for ultimate leak protection and maximum absorbency, so you aren’t stuck in a one size doesn’t really fit all quandary.  With that being said, if you still aren’t convinced the U by Kotex products are fabulous, I encourage you to snag a free sample for yourself here.